Helio powers Solana Breakpoint ticket sales!

Breakpoint is Solana’s annual flagship conference where 5,000 developers, investors and entrepreneurs gather to learn about the latest developments in the Solana ecosystem. Solana integrated Helio into its website to enable USDC payments for Breakpoint 2022 and 2023 ticket sales so that attendees can pay seamlessly with their Solana wallet versus using a credit card.

Helio's API plugs into the events ticketing system so that the customer experience and business workflow operate seamlessly.

Why did Solana choose Helio?

Breakpoint uses a Web2 event management & ticketing system called Bizzabo, which only supports Stripe as a payments option. That’s where the power of our extensible API played a key role as Helio integrated seamlessly into both the Solana Breakpoint front end website and the Bizzabo backend so that attendees receive an instant confirmation email including tickets when paying in USDC. 

Helio provides cost-effective payment processing tools for event ticket sales. With the integration of Helio payment tools, businesses can enjoy faster settlements and low fees with every transition. 

Want a seamless check-out experience for your event sales? Contact Helio today to learn more!