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The Web3 payments API

Simple & secure payments for Solana

We help you grow your projects & communities

We make it easy to accept, transact and integrate crypto payments. Use our pre-built checkouts or simply embed payments directly into your store, app, content, game or platform using USDC, SOL or any SPL- token.

Pay Streams









And more...

Welcome to the future of merchant payments

Pay Streams

Charge by sec/min/hour, enable flexible subscriptions and metered access (e.g. content, events, Discord access)

Friction-free checkout

Eliminate cards and sign ups forever

Ultra-low fees

Ultra-low fees. No minimum processing fees

Instant settlement

Receive cash in seconds anywhere in the world. Free pay-out of USDC to USD (coming soon)

Programmable cash flows

Split incoming payments at source across wallets & organisations

Easy integrations

Embed the Helio API in minutes. Plugins coming soon for Discord, Shopify & WooCommerce

The Helio protocol is built on Solana, with ❤️

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The Web3 payments API.

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