NFT Project used Helio “Pre-sales” to sell out

Oogy is an innovative and community-driven NFT art collection featuring 10,000 unique pieces minted on the Solana blockchain. The project is focused on pushing creative boundaries, fostering a culture of innovation, and establishing strong emotional connections with its holders.
From a creator perspective, the power of Helio lies in its self-serve nature and ability to create customized Pay Links in minutes. For example, Oogy made Helio Pay Links that were “gated” to a Discord server or specific NFT to target specific communities with an exclusive promotion.

Why did Oogy choose Helio?

“Helio is a premier payments tool. The team is fantastic and quick to answer questions. The tool itself is as intuitive as it gets, and I was able to generate and send out pre-sale links effortlessly. The ability to customize parameters such as Discord role gating, and swaps & price fixing (with Jupiter under the hood), and data integration (CSV/API) for MagicEden’s launchpad was extremely useful for Oogy’s pre-sale process as I had several different use cases across the 5900 pre-sold spots that we achieved via Helio.”

Justin, Oogy co-founder

If you’re minting on Polygon, Ethereum, Solana or Bitcoin and would like to offer exclusive early access to your NFT drop with customisable Pay Links, contact Helio today!