Sell out your collection before mint! 

Discover easy, secure, and instant payments designed for NFT creators.

Join a vibrant community of creators who trust Helio to power their NFT sales. Focus on your passion and let us handle the seamless payment process. Whether it's for pre-sales, marketplace transactions, IRL events, merchandise sales, or direct peer-to-peer trades, Helio ensures a seamless and fast experience.

Available on Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin (Ordinals) and Polygon. 


NFT pre-sales

Maximise the impact of your NFT launch with Helio pre-sales. Cultivate exclusivity and harness the power of hype to supercharge your NFT sales.

Fully integrated with leading launchpads and automated for non-launchpad users.

Marketplace solutions

Elevate your marketplace with Helio's NFT sales tools. Our white-label solution empowers you to personalise the sales experience, making it uniquely yours. We take care of the tech, so you can focus on innovating and new revenue streams.

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Discord bot

Unlock the potential of your Discord community. Helio helps you monetise your Discord channels, content and roles with subscriptions. Create an exclusive club for your most dedicated supporters to keep them engaged.
Helio private listing
Trade your NFTs with simple, fast, and secure direct transactions. In under 30 seconds, create a Pay Link and share your creations directly with buyers on any platform, eliminating the need for traditional marketplaces.
Loyalty discounts
Reward your community with special discounts if they own your digital collectible. Just input the asset address, set the discount and integrate loyalty into every sale.
IRL events
Effortlessly sell and manage tickets for your live events. Elevate your event experience by combining secure ticketing with the unique appeal of collectible NFTs, ensuring a memorable and streamlined event for both organizers and attendees.